Shillington's Total Draw Poultice Powder


The poultice powder can be sprinkled into a wet or bloody wound in order to regrow new tissue or it can be mixed with warm distilled water and applied to the area. Do not rinse the herbs out when you change the poultice, just keep putting more on top of it. 

Impurities and poisons are drawn from the body by this poultice.  Change it 2 times a day for maximum effectiveness (once in the morning when you get up & once at night before you go to bed).  This poultice works very well for all types of cancers.  The poultice will increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation which then breaks up and disperses the tumor.


More Information
Manufacturer Shillington's Formulas - Organic Solutions
Country of Manufacture United States

Red Clover blossoms, Chaparral leaf, Poke root, Goldenseal root, activated willow charcoal, Bentonite clay and Slippery Elm inner bark.


Suggested Use

In a pint jar pour ½ cup of raw organic apple cider vinegar and ½ cup distilled water.  Put the lid on the jar and shake.  The size of the tumor and area you wish to cover will determine the amount of poultice powder you will use.  Get a small bowl and put the dry poultice powder in the bowl.  Now pour a small amount of the vinegar/distilled water liquid into the powder and mix.  You want the consistency to be a little more liquid than a pie crust or in other words a dry paste.  If it gets too watery, add more powder and if too dry, add a touch more vinegar/water.  When the correct consistency is reached, apply about ¼ inch of the thick paste to the area and cover with cotton gauze and tape.  Then cover with plastic or cloth as necessary.  To goose up the strength, add a dropperful of DMSO to the mixture.  


 We do not recommend ingesting this poultice powder.


Can this treat stomach ulcers?

 No. We do not recommend ingesting this poultice powder. For stomach ulcers try the Intestinal Detox and the Total Healing Poultice Powder.

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