Shillington's Nerve Sedative Formula

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Organic Solutions Nerve Sedative helps you find balance in a stressful world. Made with organic and wildcrafted herbs like valerian, passion flower, and lobelia, Nerve Sedative helps you to relax so you can bring your life back under control. Available in 2 ounces
Gluten Free
Made with Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients

Organic Solutions Nerve Sedative helps you banish worry and negativity, clearing the way to a serene, restful, and healthy way of life and thinking. Blending remedies like valerian rhizome, hops flowers, passion flowers, lobelia, black cohosh root, blue cohosh root, wild yam root, and skullcap, Nerve Sedative dispenses  natural and efficient stress management.

  • Valerian soothes the working of higher nerve centers, allowing sleep, quieting nerves, and reducing pain
  • Lobelia calms the nervous system and frees breathing, relieving conditions like epilepsy, promoting a more relaxed mindset
  • Wild yam root lowers blood pressure and regulates mood swings that can bring on stress
  • Hops flowers and skullcap mix with valerian to fight insomnia and alleviate tension
  • Passion flower clears anxiety and restores the body to a more peaceful state
  • Black cohosh minimizes sleep disturbances and reduces irritability and mood swings
  • Blue cohosh works as an antispasmodic, soothing muscle spasms
More Information
Ingredients Valerian root, lobelia seedpods, passionflower, hops flower, black cohosh, blue cohosh, skullcap, and wild yam in a base of grain alcohol
Suggested Use Using one to four dropperfuls of this formula will calm anyone down, without any of the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Herbs will not do any damage to your internal organs as is the case with over the counter, synthetic, commercial, knock-out medicines that are usually very addictive.
Precautions None.
Manufacturer Organic Solutions
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