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Shillington's Liver & Gallbladder Formula

Restoring the liver to its optimum level of function is one of the most important things you can do for your health and well being. Because the daily workings of all other organs depend on your liver working properly, cleansing your liver regularly with the combined power of Organic Solutions Liver/Gallbladder Formula and Liver/Gallbladder Tea puts you on the fast track to maximum health.

Available in 2 ounces
Gluten Free
Made with Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients

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The liver cleans and clarifies the entire body, so keeping it at peak performance is essential. Give it the boost it needs with the purifying power of Organic Solution Liver/Gallbladder Formula, consisting of organic and wildcrafted milk thistle seed, Oregon grape root, gentian root, wormwood leaf and flower, black walnut hull, ginger root, garlic, fennel seed, and dandelion root and leaf in a base of alcohol and distilled water.

  • Dandelion root and leaf increase the flow of digestive fluids like bile and flush out toxins, while stimulating the chemicals of the digestive system
  • Milk thistle seed contains flavonoids that protect and regenerate liver and mitigates liver damage from cancer drugs and over the counter medications
  • Oregon grape root breaks apart liver congestion and stimulates metabolism
  • Gentian root rebuilds liver cells and inhibits liver viruses
  • Ginger root protects against alcohol-fat accumulation, reduces oxidative stress, and soothes digestion
  • Wormwood leaf and flower reduce inflammation and stimulate digestion
  • Fennel seed promotes digestive ease and helps unclog the liver
  • Black walnut hull flushes gallstones and detoxes the liver
  • Garlic provides antioxidant relief and protects the liver from toxic elements like acetaminophen and other medications

Additional Info

Additional Info

Ingredients Milk thistle seed, dandelion root and leaf, Oregon grape root, gentian root, wormwood leaf and flower, black walnut hulls, ginger root, fresh garlic, fennel seed in a base of grain alcohol
Suggested Use Use one to two dropperfuls of Organic Solutions Liver/Gallbladder Formula 3-4 times a day. This formula pairs with the Organic Solution Liver/ Gallbladder Tea for a complete liver cleanse.
Precautions None.
Manufacturer Organic Solutions


It seems to be working, butReview by Jason M
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Why does all of Shillington's stuff taste like *%$#???? (Posted on 12/1/2016)
This is a great Liver Cleanse product IMOReview by Linda
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My New Year resolution was to become healthier. I started eating better, exercising, taking supplements and detoxifying. I finished a colon cleanse a few months ago and I noticed tremendous changes in my overall health. I kept researching and I found out that the liver cleanse is the next step. I did one, didn't notice anything different. It wasn't like the colon cleanse. But after reading an article and discovering this product, I tried it and achieved results. I felt a sense of clarity and I really do attribute it to this product. Some minor skin problems dissipated too. Don't get me wrong, I am eating very well now (lots more veggies), so things might just be clearing up on their own, but I attribute some of this to Shillington's liver cleanse .

Seems to work well
Great customer service
Wildcrafted or organic ingredients only

Label sucks
Tastes bad, no pill form (Posted on 5/19/2016)
Good quality herbal formulas Review by Jason
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I've always been a fan of Shillington's products and I thank you for carrying them since he took his site down and disappeared. (Posted on 5/19/2016)
Works for liver detoxReview by sara
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I was told my liver was toxic and they asked me to purchase this $2,000 protocol. I found Shillington's products, and I could only afford a few items but I got them and did my own cleanse. I used the blood detox, the liver cleanse, and the kidney cleanse, all from Shillington, and I kept a strict diet with mostly produce along with lots of clean water. I feel like a young woman again. I am very pleased. Thank you Shillington! (Posted on 5/10/2016)
Tastes okReview by Jessica
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Unlike most of his products, I can actually stomach the taste of this one. Like most of Doc's products, it works and works very well. Great detox aid! (Posted on 5/4/2016)
Liver is cleanReview by Sal
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Wow! I detoxed using like 4 of Shillington's products and just wow! I really think the liver formula made a huge difference in my protocol. (Posted on 5/9/2015)

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