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Shillington's Huff and Puff Formula

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Breathing is something many people take for granted until they suffer from lung problems, whether it’s chest congestion, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing at night. Ease your respiratory difficulties with organic lobelia and mullein in Organic Solutions Huff n Puff, an invaluable assistant in keeping your inhales and exhales smooth.

Available in 2 ounces
Gluten Free
Made with Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients

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Achieving unobstructed breathing and quitting smoking both make a huge difference in the quality of your everyday life. Try Organic Solutions Huff n Puff, a blend of lobelia and mullein in an apple cider vinegar and alcohol base, that returns your respiratory system to a simple, healthy in and out.

  • Lobelia and mullein both treat asthma and breathing conditions like bronchitis
  • Apple cider vinegar disintegrates phlegm, relieving chest and sinus congestion
  • Mullein soothes irritated bronchial tubes, easing and lengthening breathing
  • Lobelia dilates and compresses bronchial tubes, causing the patient to purge excess fluid  

Additional Info

Additional Info

Ingredients Lobelia and mullein in a base of apple cider vinegar & grain alcohol
Suggested Use 1/2 to on dropper full as needed.
Precautions None.
Manufacturer Organic Solutions


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