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The sooner you find relief from a runny nose, sniffles, a stuffy head, or blocked sinuses the sooner you can get back to enjoying your life. Allergies and sinus infections are no match for Organic Solutions Herbal Snuff, a compound of organic and wildcrafted herbs like cayenne, goldenseal, and garlic.
Gluten Free
Made with Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients

Free yourself from the symptoms of  allergies and sinus infections. Organic Solutions Herbal Snuff is a combination of organic and powdered goldenseal root, bayberry bark, garlic, and cayenne that efficiently deals with stopped nasal passages, sniffles, and sinus blockage.

  • Cayenne treats sinusitis by relieving nasal congestion, draining congested mucous, and soothing inflammation
  • Goldenseal root prohibits bacterial and viral growth and helps suppress mucus
  • Garlic provides antioxidants, fighting the environmental causes of allergies
  • Bayberry bark acts as a natural decongestant, drains mucous through the nose, and reduces sinus cavity swelling
More Information
Ingredients Goldenseal root powder, bayberry bark powder, cayenne pepper powder, and garlic powder
Suggested Use

Organic Solutions Herbal Snuff is inhaled through a straw up into the nasal cavity. Close one nostril with a finger while you snort a match head size amount of powder up the other nostril. Quickly switch the straw to the second nostril and repeat the process with a second match head size amount of powder. A series of coughs, watery eyes, and an extreme urge to blow your nose follow. Do not blow your nose. Keep snorting the Herbal Snuff farther into your sinus cavity.

Precautions None.
Manufacturer Organic Solutions
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