Shillington's Eyebright Formula

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Use Organic Solutions Eyebright tincture to treat pinkeye, floaters, and cataracts and to maintain optimum eye health. Mixing eyebright herb, red raspberry leaf, goldenseal root, bayberry bark, and cayenne pepper, Organic Solutions Eyebright paves the way to improving and sustaining clear and unclouded vision.

  • Eyebright herb reduces eye strain and relieves redness, swelling, and visual disturbances caused by pinkeye
  • Cayenne pepper increases blood flow and stimulates the eye tissues
  • Red raspberry leaf and bayberry bark promote ocular cell health and growth, improving vision
  • Goldenseal root alleviates eye soreness, regulates the mucous in eye membranes, and kills infection

Sharpen your eye function by eliminating toxins, unclogging blood vessels, increasing circulation, and strengthening eye cells. Organic Solutions Eyebright tincture includes additional organic and wildcrafted ingredients such as goldenseal root, red raspberry leaf, and bayberry bark to maintain and brighten your eyesight. Available in 1 ounce

Gluten Free
Made with Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients
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Manufacturer Shillington's Formulas - Organic Solutions
Country of Manufacture United States

Eyebright herb, bayberry bark, red raspberry, goldenseal, and cayenne pepper in a base of 50% water and 50% grain alcohol

Suggested Use

Use 1 to 5 drops of Organic Solutions Eyebright mixed with distilled water in an eye cup 2 to 3 times a week to keep your eyes in excellent working order. Use 3 times per day for pinkeye.

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