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Shillington's Echinacea Plus

Minimize the severity and duration of a current illness and enhance your immune system to avoid future illnesses such as the common cold, influenza, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Organic Solutions quality wildcrafted echinacea root stops colds and flus before they even happen and fortifies your natural defenses against future conditions.

Available in 2 ounces, 4 ounces, and 8 ounces
Gluten Free
Made with Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients

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Shillington's Echinacea Plus • 2 oz
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Pair Organic Solutions Echinacea Plus with a healthy diet and good nutrition for an amazingly healthy immune system. Avoiding colds, pneumonia, and bronchitis has never been easier or more invigorating than using Organic Solutions' organic and wildcrafted echinacea.

  • Wards off infections by boosting the immune system
  • Treats coughs, sore throats, and headaches
  • Behaves in an antibacterial manner, helping the body attack yeast, parasites, and other fungi
  • Soothes and decreases inflammation in the upper respiratory system

Additional Info

Additional Info

Ingredients Echinacea angustifolia root, garlic, and cayenne in a base of grain alcohol
Suggested Use To nip a cold or flu in the bud, immediately start taking a dropperful every hour at the first sign of illness until you feel the symptoms completely disappear. If you are already ill with a cold, flu, sore throat, lung congestion, or any other kind of infection, and it hit you like a ton of bricks, blast 2 dropperfuls every hour that you are awake and also take the Organic Solutions Total Tonic Formula. If you are really sick, have food poisoning*, and / or have a fever, and you want to use the most aggressive approach, take one fluid ounce of Organic Solutions Echinacea all at once in a shot glass. Knock it back and continue with 2 dropperfuls every waking hour. The next day continue the 2 dropperfuls every waking hour until the illness / fever is broken. Also take Organic Solutions Total Tonic as well for really serious episodes. *For food poisoning, take Organic Solutions Intestinal Detox and Echinacea Plus to remove the poisons taken in. It is best to take Organic Solutions Echinacea for one week and then stop taking it for one week. For maintenance and prevention purposes: If you are well and want to stay healthy, try the week on – week off schedule, using 1 or 2 dropperfuls three times a day.
Precautions None.
Manufacturer Organic Solutions


Good product.Review by Chelsea
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This is a comment to the Shillington's Echinacea Plus. It is a very good product. I will buy again. (Posted on 5/21/2017) by Elisa Brown
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I came to your Shillington's Echinacea Plus page a couple of years ago and I bought some. I just realized I hadn't been sick since. I used to get a cold all the time. I skipped a year! I also started eating lots of garlic and more veggies too, but I really think this helps. (Posted on 4/20/2017)

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