Shillington's Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage Formula


Wounds, cuts, sprains, and bruises can affect anyone, at any time, especially if you’re leading an active lifestyle. Repairing ligaments, cartilage, and even speeding up bone recovery becomes much easier when you call on the power of Organic Solutions Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage Formula, an organic and wildcrafted formula that includes marshmallow root, oak bark, and walnut bark. Available in 2 ounces

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Made with Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients

The human body's ability to recover from the ache, pains, and wounds of everyday life is amazing. The more nutrients and support you provide for your body, like Organic Solutions Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage Formula's organic and wildcrafted mixture of marshmallow root, gravel root, oak bark, mullein, wormwood, walnut bark, lobelia, and skullcap, the faster you are able to bounce back from any physical injury.

  • Marshmallow root soothes inflammation as it treats cuts, wounds, and scrapes
  • Walnut bark and lobelia benefit a variety of skin conditions like athlete's foot, sores, rashes, and bruises
  • Gravel root relieves joint pain and reduces swelling in tissues, ligaments, and cartilage
  • Oak bark is antiviral, antibacterial, and effectively combats infection
  • Skullcap acts as a sedative for aches and pain
  • Mullein kills germs that cause disease and alleviates bruises and frostbite
  • Wormwood heals flesh wounds and insect bites and provides pain relief
More Information
Manufacturer Shillington's Formulas - Organic Solutions
Country of Manufacture United States

Comfrey root, oak bark, gravel root, mullein, lobelia, wormwood, marshmallow root, skullcap, and walnut bark

Suggested Use

This formula is meant to be used internally as needed. It can also be used topically.

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