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MycoCeutics MycoPhyto Complex • 120g - EcoNugenics
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MycoPhyto Complex uses a mix of six different medicinal mushrooms to improve and maintain the immune system. The phytochemicals in these mushrooms help limit the spread of tumors and infections on a microbial level, strengthening the body's defense system. For the MycoCeutics MycoPhyto Complex, the mushrooms are grown on a bed of medicinal herbs and organic brown rice, maximizing the health benefits from the mushrooms.
Natural Killer (NK) cells act as the body's first line of defense, seeking out dangerous toxins, viruses, and pathogens so they can disable them. One of the reasons medicinal mushrooms have a big impact on the immune system is their ability to activate and support these NK cells using the beta-glucans found in their cell walls. EcoNugenics' mushrooms are cultivated in the United States in a carefully controlled environment indoors, on a blend of immune-enhancing herbs and organic brown rice and provide both immediate and long-lasing immune support.
  • Uses a variety of medicinal mushrooms: Coriolus, Reishi, Agaricus, Cordyceps, and Polyporus
  • Activates within hours of consumption
  • Fortifies the immune system with long-lasting effects
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Ingredients MycoPhyto Proprietary Blend ...3840mg (Turkey tail mushroom [Coriolus versicolor L.:Fr.], reishi mushroom [Ganoderma lucidum Fr.], blazei mushroom [Agaricus blazei murrill], cordyceps mushroom [Cordyceps sinensis Berk.], umbellatus mushroom [Polyporus umbellatus Fr.], maitake mushroom [Grifola frondosa Dicks.:Fr.]) Beta-1, 3-Glucan (from purified yeast)...100mg
Suggested Use


As a dietary supplement, take 1-6 capsules 1-2 times daily, or as directed by your health care professional.


Active Support* - Take on an empty stomach: 1 Scoop, 1-3 times daily Long term support* - Take on an empty stomach: 1/4 - 1/2 Scoop daily
Precautions No
Manufacturer Ecological Formulas/Cardiovascular Research
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