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Fibrenza is an advanced blend of 14 powerful systemic enzymes that are specifically formulated to supplement the bodies’ ability to dissolve fibrin, cleanse the blood, detoxify the body, and maintain a healthy inflammation response. These functions are the cornerstones of many anti-aging regimens.

An enzyme supplement is only as effective as its delivery system. Systemic enzymes must survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach before reaching the small intestine, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream. In order to protect against these stomach acids, many systemic enzymes on the market consist of enteric coated capsules that contain phthalates (plasticizers), genetically modified vegetable coatings, or other unhealthy chemicals. Some are also available in tablet form, which in addition to containing unhealthy fillers and binders, may be more difficult to break down for timely absorption. The new AcidDefenz capsule used by Fibrenza consists of a non-GMO vegetable cellulose barrier that allows for a timed release of the enzymes for absorption into the bloodstream. In addition to being a much healthier alternative to phthalates, it may also allow for more consistent enzyme absorption than traditional enteric coatings.

Fibrenza utilizes a technologically advanced capsule to provide maximum protection against stomach acids without the use of phthalates or harmful chemicals and solvents. Fibrenza has been formulated to provide maximum body-wide benefit and only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade enzymes are utilized.

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Seaprose-S, nattokinase NSK-SD, serratiopeptidase (serrapeptase), trypsin, chymotrypsin, protease, acid stable protease, bromelain, papain, peptidase, superoxide dismutase, pancreatin, amylase, lipase, cellulose, rice bran, rice extract

Suggested Use

Fibrenza is best taken on an empty stomach with water (at least 45 minutes before meals or 60 minutes after meals).

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules, twice daily. Your healthcare provider may also recommend an activation dosage of 4 capsules, twice daily for the first two weeks.

Advanced Therapeutic Dosage: Take 4 capsules, twice daily. Your healthcare provider may recommend higher doses.

Fibrenza is non-GMO and does not contain phthalates, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, talc, artificial colors or flavors, titanium dioxide, fish, dairy, wheat, yeast, and gluten.


Systemic enzymes are generally well tolerated, even when taken in extremely high doses. Some users may experience detoxification symptoms such as nausea, headache, fatigue or other flu-like symptoms. This detoxification is a healthy process for the body and is normally mild in nature. Symptoms may be reduced by increasing water consumption or temporarily reducing dosage.

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