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Q: What's your phone number?


Q: Do you ship to my country?

Probably. Check out our shipping policies here.

Q: Are all of our products organic or wildcrafted?

No. Nor have we tested all of these products. We carry products that our customers have asked for even though we're not fans of the company. We want to cater to everyone. But we also want to start reviewing our products and get more customer reviews too. Plese, do let us know how you feel about our products via product reviews or emails to us. If a product has a note that it comes recommended by Green Lifestyle Market, that means we have tested the product, looked into the production, and believe the product to be of excellent quality. 

Q: Why does my product have a label on it saying it causes cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm?

Those labels comply with California's Proposition 65, which requires businesses to use those labels on a variety of products, from pesticides, common household products, food, drugs, dyes, or solvents. Because of the wide range of chemicals requiring labeling under the proposition, some of our companies have asked us to unilaterally label their products. For more information, click here


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